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What do participants receive?

Live speakers - weekly.

Strengths coaching - weekly.

Podcasts with thought leaders and national authors on career exploration.

An online community of others exclusively participating in The Gap Year Project.

Over $300 in books on personal wellbeing, engagement, financial literacy, etc.

A forum to share your thoughts on these topics.

Practice in discussion-based learning.

Dedicated opportunities for self-reflection and self-exploration.

Development of personal accountability skills.

Practice in self-directed learning crucial for college success.

Clifton Strengths for Students assessment.

Purpose driven assessments and personal inventories.

Career coaching, discernment, and development.

Leadership coaching.

Access to summer employment.

40 weeks of curated content developed for personal growth.

College credit*

*Still in development

What do parents receive?

  • Programming and coaching geared toward having a successful college student.

  • Confidence that their young college student is developing life-long Wellbeing skills.

  • Reassurance that the decision to attend college is a solid investment.

  • A young adult that is engaged in their future and future career(s).

  • A safe community for sharing thoughts and concerns.